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" Criminal offenses statistics tend not to accurately indicate the nature and extent of crime within our society. ”

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Criminal offenses statistics will not accurately indicate the nature and extent of crime in our society.

In order to answer the question, I need to clarify how criminal offenses is documented, where that happens and precisely what is the result and perception of reporting or not revealing crime. Offense statistics will be recorded on the inside through a Federal government body named the Official Crime Statistics or perhaps OCS. Statistics for criminal offenses are collated through a number of sources. The main Constables Annual report as well as the British Criminal offense survey two examples although there are different recording physiques. Crime is usually reported through the Police, the Court service, by home reporting individuals and in a way by what is referred to as victimisation research. Crime figures, some would suggest, are necessary. Law enforcement officials services would suggest that they permit the targeting of crime in specific areas and allow the effective deployment of methods to fight and deter crime. Offense recording has developed of about 30 years. Figures have been retained since about 1981 and required the Police to record minimal details. The desk below shows the registered crime in britain and Wales from 1981. Table Britain and Wales Police Documented Crime, 1981-2003

Year| Range of crimes| Notes| Year| Quantity of crimes| Notes| 1981| 2, 963, 764| | 1993| 5, 526, 255|

1982| several, 262, 422| | 1994| 5, 252, 980|

1983| a few, 247, 030| | 1995| 5, 100, 241|

1984| 3, 499, 107| | 1996| 5, 036, 552|

1985| three or more, 611, 883| | 1997| 4, 598, 357|

1986| 3, 847, 410| | 1997/1998| 4, 545, 337|...

Bibliography: Table England and Wales Police Documented Crime, 1981-2003

Year | Quantity of crimes | Notes | Year | Range of crimes | Records

Source: Simmons and Dodd, Home Office Statistical Bulletin, 2003, p. 27

Home Office counting rules then changed in 1998

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