Intaraction of ENTJ (MBTI)

 Intaraction of ENTJ MBTI Essay

. At each major SDLC stage, there are strengths and insights each Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can bring towards the process. You are one of those types. Image yourself in a typical role each and every SDLC stage. Image you have a part of the team of your free type. How could each type procedure the task and stay successful using their natural strong points? There are distinct paths for different types however the same goals. What aspects of the task might a type end up being most effective at? What things might it miss? Stakeholders and team members you will interact with may well have the same or perhaps different types. Reaching those of the same type is simple at first until you realize everything you all might have missed. Conversely, when people based on a types interact, it can be primarily difficult. What will you do to bridge the gap in approaches in order that, with some flexibility in the way of reaching the objective, both types can use all their natural strengths?

SDLC level



Type Interaction

Concept, High Level Requirements, Feasibility Analysis, Task Charter That they try to get details from other folks.

In this SDLC stage the communication is important. Thus extroverts try to get data from other folks that is vital on this level. They try to get information your self. They tend to relish quiet focus, listen much more than they talk and think before communicate. Get the details from others people and search that yourself could have a positive impact on a project. Almost all analyses will certainly continue almost all necessary data and be analysed from distinct perspectives. Requirements Analysis, Standards, Architecture, and Design In the event some info needed or something ambiguous he will get in touch with others. This person tries to acquire needed info and examine design himself. They will have all information and can analyze and prepare design and others yourself. Software Creation and Screening

Communicate conveniently with other participants in system development and as developer will see the best solution as can possess advise from other people. More desirable for tester as specialist communicate a lot. This person focus on activity without interacting

with external-world. Since developer possess time to do much.

Both types will complement each other. Creator (introverts) and tester(extroverts) can create a good group. Implementation: End user Training, Deployment, Maintenance

When user schooling there is ought to spend a lot time communicating with persons. But It is usually not a problem for extravert. Does not like communicate, connect to people, nevertheless can focus on deployment problems. Extravert can train persons and introvert can focus on issues made an appearance while maintenance.



Type Interaction

Feasibility - Charter

Focus a whole lot on the specifics of the present or previous. That is vital to establish project feasibility. He focus on the abstract, Conceptual and big-picture. He would not see particulars but have a good idea and represents inventive possibilities for future years. Working together they keep an eyesight all factors, paying attention to the details and seeing abstract photo of the project. Analysis & Design

Present detail design and style and programing specification.

Think and absorb data through abstraction which comes in convenient when you have to photo the whole system from reading the requirements. � Working together nothing will be absent.


Have great memory intended for detail, become accurate in working with data – top quality code. Can generate idea how to solve problem in basic.

Working together they can solve appeared concerns and provide superior quality code. Implementation

Provide training he focus on details. For maintenance good memory and being correct with specifics, using knowledge are very important. Provide schooling can give abstraction picture(useful pertaining to short training). Working together they are going to provide every necessary information and even more, have the ability to solve...

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