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The Pepsi Bottling Group

THE PEPSI BOTTLING GROUP LOWERED COSTS AND MAN-HOURS SIMPLY BY IMPLEMENTING AVANTGARD PAYNETEXCHANGE The Pepsi Bottling Group Incorporation. has been in a position to reduce the overall expense to produce bank checks and W9's by about 25% with AvantGard PayNetExchange. Pepsi-Cola beverages daily. PBG's emphasis is about superior revenue execution, customer care, merchandising and operating excellence.


The Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. (PBG) is a world's major manufacturer, vendor and distributor of Pepsi-Cola beverages -- which includes a number of the world's best consumer brands. PBG started to be a publiclytraded company in March 1999. PBG builds nearly $11 billion in annual sales. It are operating in the United States, Canada, Greece, South america, Russia, The country and Chicken, accounting for over one-half of the Pepsi-Cola beverages sold in America, and about forty five percent in the PepsiCola system volume worldwide. The PBG sales force of more than 30, 000 customer associates sells and delivers practically 200 , 000, 000 eight-ounce servings of


Until 2004, PBG had imprinted all AP checks and W9 characters in-house. This internal function produced approximately 900, 1000 checks and 50, 000 W9s in 2003. A dedicated production crew of two and a half people worked to produce anywhere from 800 checks to 20, 000 checks in an individual day. Featuring this verify printing services was no small feat. Simply using a laser check printing answer, the process was still being very sophisticated, and filled with manual processes. Pursuing are just a few of the challenges the former PBG interior printing operation faced: m

The process engaged an array of forms, logos, verify stock, and bank accounts Examine applications included accounts payable, customer obligations, payroll, repayments, and commission rate checks with each software having one of a kind handling requirements



Market: Location: Income: Manufacturer United states of america, Canada, Portugal, Mexico, Russian federation, Spain and Turkey $11 billion Environment: Centralized


Special managing was required to sort investigations for circulation internally, at field locations, or by simply mail


Expertise was required on the web production, da postagem processing, varieties design, verify printing computer software, security methods, MICR computer printers, and supply administration


m l

General cost to create checks and W9's decreased Less time needed to manage inside check controlling processes Computerized payments lead to savings of 200 man-hours of labor


In early 2003, PBG decided to consider alternatives towards the internal production of bank checks and W9's. PBG examined the potential features of using a other for examine


creating and circulation. The business circumstance demonstrated that a 3rd party could get the job done quicker and less costly. One of the more significant factors in the business case aimed at the nota savings to be gained by using a third party with access to particular postal selecting capabilities and volume discounts. With the case made, PBG generated a great RFP (request for proposal) in the summer of 2003 and began analyzing potential distributors. A matrix was designed which has a complete pair of criteria and vendors were scored to each factor. The PBG team also produced trips to varied vendor creation centers. After a thorough evaluation of all opportunities, PBG granted the deal to SunGard.

" Provided the unique knowledge and skills necessary for our printing operation, the best decision for all of us was to change this function to a payments expert. ” Susan Stanco, Senior Expert

In deciding on SunGard, PBG would get an associate with all the crucial attributes needed to meet all their stringent requirements: l

Web-affiliated application allowing PBG total visibility over all aspects of repayment production


Tight protection around most processes, info and services Complete produce production facilities fully competent of appointment PBG...

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